Robert Matiasevich, Jr., DDS

How a Dentist in Santa Cruz Can Help With Your Implants

Missing tooth or teeth disrupts proper dental functioning. You will have a hard time eating and talking if you have missing teeth. Fortunately, dentists now offer permanent dental implants to replace lost tooth.


Dental implants like mini-dental implants feature titanium or titanium alloy. This composition allows them to withstand bite pressure. This makes them a good choice for long lasting tooth replacement solutions.


Eligibility for dental implants largely depends on your condition. Some jaw and mouth constructions cannot accommodate additional components like implants. You may have to find another solution if you fall under this case. Talk to a dentist in Santa Cruz to confirm whether you qualify for the procedure. The dentist has the necessary proficiency and tools to determine if dental implants may resolve your condition. They may also recommend other treatment methods for consideration.


It is important to find out if your jawbone structure can accommodate implant installation. You have to undergo surgical procedure to get mini-dental implants. The treatment involves setting up the implant in your bone to support neighboring structures. If your mouth structure lacks the required support, the dentist needs to prep up your jawbone alignment.


Preparation makes or breaks the success of your operation. Treatment delays may occur especially if the dentist needs to fix several bone structures. Dental implants only fully help the patient if it went through proper installation.


Treatment lasts from six weeks to six months. Sufficient bones and tissue decrease the span of treatment. Poorer bones require your dentist more time to prepare the right structure. Working closely with a dental professional ensures you receive safe and tested services. Consultation is very important to monitor the progress, this will reveal if the procedure resolved your previous dental issues or not.


Installation of dental implants involves precision and right timing. Ask your dentist in Santa Cruz if this is the best solution for you, and if he or she can perform the procedure. If not, ask for referral to someone who can.

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