How Dental Anxiety Affects Your Quality of Life

How Dental Anxiety Affects Your Quality of Life

Feeling fear or anxiety over an impending dental visit is a perfectly natural thing. Millions of people around the world suffer from dental phobia, and this prevents them from taking proper care of their teeth.

Dental phobia may result from a childhood trauma, an injury, or a control issue. They are also common in people who underwent abuse, humiliation, or experience post-traumatic stress disorder.

How Can it Affect My Quality of Life?

Dental anxiety or phobia may leave behind a string of consequences in a person’s life. It can make a marked impact on your dental health and cause other physical problems. It may also affect your self-esteem and result in additional anxiety and depression.

It’s hard to hide your teeth’s condition, especially if you are suffering from painful episodes. It may even contribute to feeling intense guilt. The condition of your teeth may also prompt you to avoid seeing doctors for more serious problems.

Why Should I Choose Dr. Matiasevich?

You do not have to deal with anxiety. You may receive proper dental care with our customised IV sedation solutions. It is stronger than other sedation dentistry options, because it may lead you to a sedated state resulting to partial amnesia. You won’t feel pain during the treatment, and you won’t even remember undergoing them.

Another IV sedation advantage is the fact that IV doses are easier to adjust as needed. Its effects are felt much faster than other options. As such, you must consult your physician before undergoing the procedure. You have to make sure it won’t affect your overall health or worsen other medical conditions you may have.

Do you think sedation dentistry is the answer to your dental anxiety? Contact us at 831 440 7577 to find out if you are a suitable candidate.

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