How long will I be without teeth? Dr. Matiasevich – Santa Cruz Dentist

How long will I be without teeth?

The number one question we get on a daily basis for anybody who has dentures or is missing teeth or they have their teeth but their teeth are to the point where they can’t keep them anymore and they all need to come out, is how long will I be without teeth? We always tell them you’ll always have your teeth. That’s really fairly new technology that now we have, so every patient that comes in we’re going to give them their teeth the same day.

Whether you’re a denture patient or you’re a patient with teeth and we’re going to take them all out, you’re going to have some teeth before you leave. With implants now we can do something called immediate load which basically means that we’re able to put your implants in, doing the implant surgery and attach your teeth to the implants at the same visit. We can usually do that, if it’s one or two teeth we can do it within an hour, if it’s a full mouth of teeth we can usually do it within a day.

That’s really exciting because a lot of people are afraid that they’re going to come in, they’re going to have all of their teeth removed or they’re going to have these dentures and they’re going to go home and they’re not going to have anything to chew with for two weeks, three weeks, three months while they’re healing. That’s not the case. We always make sure that we have a set of teeth and we’re ready to go and put those in right away.

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