How many surgeries for dental implants? Dr. Matiasevich – Santa Cruz Dentist

How many surgeries for dental implants?

A person undergoing implant therapy generally usually only needs one surgical visit. There are exceptions to the rule, every individual is unique and sometimes there are two needed but very rarely do you need more than two surgeries to complete a dental implant procedure. What I mean by that is any kind of invasiveness where you need to have anesthetic used to get yourself numb.

Once the implant has fused into the jawbone there’s no pain involved because there are no nerves with implants. A lot of it is more like basic carpentry, screwing in parts and unscrewing things and that’s painless. That’s the nice thing. With modern technology, teeth in a day, teeth in an hour, and the different things we provide here at our office, we’re able to do these procedures generally just in one visit which is nice. If you have a bad tooth we can take the bad tooth out, put the implant in, close it up and you’re done and that’s it for your surgery, you don’t have to come back and have a second surgery later on.

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