Sedatives Used in Sedation Dentistry

How Sedation Dentistry Can Help Patients

Inhalation sedation has been beneficial for different fields, including dentistry. Sedation dentistry uses nitrous oxide to encourage more relaxed state among patients. Nitrous oxide is a safe and flexible method of sedation. It relieves anxiety, helping patients go through dental procedures without so much trouble. Sedation is different from sleep dentistry where the patient is asleep throughout the treatment. To further understand the importance of sedation dentistry, it is important to go through its advantages:

  • Anxiety control – sedation relieves mild to moderate anxiety. If you feel nervous every time you consult a dentist or undergo a procedure, this approach helps you achieve a calmer state. Most patients will have little or no memory of what they have gone through when under sedation. This lessens fear on your next visit and it will be easier to see your dentist again.
  • Pain control – apart from its calming effect, dental sedation also has analgesic benefits. It increases your threshold for pain and allows you to endure many dental procedures. It is not invasive lessening the need for local anesthesia.

Sedation dentists offer a range of options. You can choose from shots to inhalation, this depends on your preferences and needs. Dentist consultation is crucial before going under sedation. You should understand your condition including the pros and cons of the procedure.

Only qualified and licensed dental professionals can carry out the procedure. Unless the person completed training and acquired certification, they cannot practice sedation. The qualifications and experience of the dentist should tell you if you can trust the person or not. While dental sedation is generally a safe process for both children and adults, it is important to ensure the capabilities of the dentist.

Call us for an appointment so we can give you a full oral assessment, and to discuss your options for sedation dentistry procedure. Our friendly staff will be more than happy to answer all your questions and concerns.

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