Immediate Dental Implant, Crown and Bone Graft – Dr. Matiasevich – Santa Cruz Dentist

The procedure was very smooth. I’m happy and a satisfied customer.

Interviewer: So Brian, if you could tell me please what had happened to you that brought you into the office?

Brian: Yeah, some time back I’d had an accident on a motorcycle where my face met the pavement and knocked a tooth out. And I’d gone to actually a local dentist here who didn’t really specialize in implants. Someone who was beginning to do, and he took x-rays and was a little uncomfortable with there not being enough bone to make the graft here come complete. So my neighbor actually had referred me to Robert here, and he had several done and said he was real happy with the job. No problem, he was happy. And I said I just got one to do. So no problem, just have one done.

Interviewer: Okay.

Brian: So I came here. I was a little concerned. I mentioned about having the bone grafting kind of slight, and I was slightly concerned but as far once you got in here and started going through the routine, it was very simple. Didn’t feel a thing.

Interviewer: Okay. I was about to ask you, how was the procedure?

Brian: It was real smooth. I came expecting it to be a little worse than it was. And it was very [inaudible, 00:01:12] thing. Seriously, it amazed me. Drove out of here. Drove away. Actually my buddy drove me out of here but that’s fine. I could have walked away with no problem. No pain. No foul. So it was a real comfortable experience. It worked out really well. The whole healing process went real smooth. No problem. It seemed to graft real nice and everything. So I’m very pleased with how it came out.

Interviewer: Good. How’s it look? I know you got your tooth today.

Brian: Yes. They’re beautiful again. I’m happy. I’m a satisfied customer as they say. Really, really good job.

Interviewer: All right. All right, good. Thanks.

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