Implants and Dentures – Dr. Matiasevich – Santa Cruz Dentist

It was so comfortable and everyone was so kind. I could never forget it. I’m glad I came in.

Interviewer: Okay, Jean. So, I wanted to ask you a question.

Jean: Okay.

Interviewer: When you first came in you had a partial on the bottom, correct?

Jean: Yes.

Interviewer: How was that partial?

Jean: It was very uncomfortable, very yellow, very loose, and made difficult problems for eating.

Interviewer: Yeah, yeah, I was about to say – and you were saying, as well as when you were talking – it was starting to…

Jean: Yes. It was very difficult for enunciation and diction, too.

Interviewer: Oh, okay. Well, I know Dr. Bob saw you, and he actually recommended putting in a couple of implants.

Jean: Yes.

Interviewer: And then having a denture that you could pop in and out. Were you worried at all when he mentioned an implant?

Jean: No, I wasn’t concerned because I’ve had a lot of friends that had implants, too. But the end result has been perfect.

Interviewer: Oh, good. Well, I was going to ask you, how is everything feeling now that you have your dentures?

Jean: Everything feels…I feel like I can chew, I can bite down on things, and I can smile.

Interviewer: Good. Was the whole process, was it comfortable?

Jean: It was. I hate dentists, and it was so comfortable and everyone was so kind; I could never forget it.

Interviewer: Oh, good, I’m glad. So you’re glad you came in?

Jean: I’m glad I came in.

Interviewer: All right. Thanks Jean.

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