The Basics of Dental Implants

Important Facts about Dental Implants

Patients are constantly coming to our clinic wanting to learn more about dental implants. They are becoming more popular because of their strength, durability, and high reliability. While we’ve covered all the basics on our dental implants page and previous blog entries, we want our patients to know all they can about the treatment to make better decisions about the direction of their oral health. The following are some interesting and lesser-known facts about dental implants you may not know about.

Dental Implants Have Very High Success Rate

While bridges wear out over time and dentures require regular adjustment after prolonged use, dental implants last much longer. Treatments normally have a 95 to 98 percent success rate, ensuring maximum comfort and value for all those who pursue the option. More than just a replacement for missing teeth, these appliances can also stabilize dentures. Proper implant placement gives patients with dentures reassurance of additional support and durability. The high success rate is why you should really give some thought to undergoing the procedure.

Dental Implants Address Current Problems and Serve as Protection for the Future

Most people think implants are only suitable for addressing current oral problems; this cannot be further from the truth. Dental implants may address tooth loss now, but these appliances also build a foundation for the protection of future oral health. Strong and sturdy implants take the place of missing teeth and act as roots. The presence and proper application of implants stimulates jawbone and tissue growth, preventing any future problems.

These are just a couple of interesting things about dental implants most patients do not immediately understand. Ideal and logical as it sounds, dental implants may not be appropriate for all cases. This is why we conduct thorough assessments before recommending treatment to our patients.

To learn more about the procedure, you can check out previous blog posts, our dental implants page, or contact us today to schedule a consultation or appointment.

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