Teeth in an Hour: Silencing the Skeptics

In a Hurry? Try Teeth-in-an-Hour!

People these days usually do not have time to spare for dental treatments. They are busy with work, with their studies, or with their families. What can you do if you need a dental appointment, but don’t really have the time for it?

Thanks to advanced dentistry, you can now have new teeth in only an hour! Teeth-in-an-Hour, a revolutionary concept that can give patients fully functioning teeth or dental implants, is a single procedure that only takes an hour. It was developed to allow collaboration between restorative dentistry and periodontics.

Why Choose Teeth-in-an-Hour?

With Teeth-in-an-Hour you will no longer have to wait for long or endure the pain and discomfort usually associated with traditional teeth replacement methods. Your dentist may give you complete dental replacements or implants in just a single visit. Why would you get multiple surgeries over an extended time span, when you can get new teeth in just an hour?

How Does It Work?

The procedure is relatively easy. Your dentist will use a CT scan and virtual reality software to map your mouth and teeth. By doing this, he can plan where to place the implants and start creating your teeth replacements even before doing any surgery.

What are the Advantages of Teeth-in-an-Hour?

Compared to most dental treatments, which take up a lot of time and cause considerable discomfort, Teeth-in-an-Hour is remarkably fast and comfortable. As it is computer-guided, this surgical dental implant method allows your dentist to be precise. This makes the procedure safer than other traditional dental treatments.

This procedure is comfortable and painless because the pre-planning and pre-manufacturing stages ensure you do not have to undergo invasive surgery. As you do not need to wait for any stitches to heal, you may even eat right after treatment!

It is Dr. Matiasevich’s primary goal to provide you with convenient and fast-working dental treatments, which is why he recommends Teeth-in-an-Hour for busy people like you. If you would like to try this procedure, call us today to book an appointment.

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