IV Sedation for Patients with Dental Phobia

IV Sedation for Patients with Dental Phobia

Dental phobia refers to an inexplicable and illogical fear of all things associated with dentists and dental procedures. It’s a debilitating condition that forces people to put off dental treatment out of fear, causing them to neglect their teeth and enabling their dental problems to worsen.

It can also be difficult for parents whose children have this condition. Children who suffer from dental phobia may throw fits and tantrums in order to dissuade their parents from taking them to the clinic. They may also refrain from complaining about toothache and conceal other symptoms of dental problems in order to avoid being taken to the dentist.

When people put off timely dental appointments, their teeth can go through more damage that could be easily treated otherwise. It can also make more complex and painful treatment plans necessary.

IV sedation is a service that helps patients overcome their dental phobia temporarily and artificially by means of sedative drugs. IV sedation is administered with a needle that injects sedatives through the patient’s vein.

IV sedation puts patients in a state of deep relaxation, enabling them to undergo dental procedures without feeling any trace of fear or anxiety. It also helps dentists perform dental procedures faster and more efficiently, since the patient won’t feel the need to disrupt the process.

The availability of IV sedation encourages people with dental phobia to seek medical attention when they need it. IV sedation gives them the assurance that they’ll be able to comfortably sit through a dental procedure without panicking or disrupting the dentist.

IV sedation is also a good option for those who have to undergo complex and invasive procedures, such as the placement of Santa Cruz dental implants, wisdom tooth extraction, and the like.

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