Leslie – Santa Cruz Dentist Dental Hygienist

He makes patients feel welcome, feel comfortable…and it’s great.

“I came to meet Dr. Bob as a temporary dental hygienist. I was looking for work fresh out of hygiene school and worked here a couple of days and he told me that he had a position here at the Santa Cruz Implant Dentistry office and asked if I would like it and I took it up in a heartbeat.

Dr. Bob’s chair side manner with patients is amazing; it’s very friendly, professional but caring. He makes patients feel welcome, feel comfortable and never just goes straight in doing work, he’s always asking how the patient’s going, what’s new in their life and it’s great.

My goals as part of our team here at Santa Cruz Implant Dentistry are to keep people happy, to promote health, to see patients return and actually have that health be there as well as to maintain and create camaraderie with my coworkers as well as my patients.

When I’m not working I love to be out in nature, so on the beach walking my dogs, I have two little Chiwawa pound puppies, I also love to hike, hang with friends, go shopping, sometimes do little spa days. I like to be out and about.

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