Look Younger with Dental Implants

Look Younger with Dental Implants

Did you know that traditional dentures may contribute to changes in your appearance? Replacing your natural teeth can lead to changes in your face shape, making you look old and tired. Missing teeth, misaligned dentures and weak jawbones are all signs of aging, and you can solve them all thanks to dental implants.

Your eyes and skin are not the only indicators of your age. The state of your teeth also contributes to your overall look. When your teeth are healthy, straight and pearly white, you instantly look younger.

Older people often have missing teeth and need to wear dentures. Old-fashioned dentures have very noticeable appearance. They also are often uncomfortable, that’s why older people take them out all the time.

Dentures can efficiently replace teeth, but they also make your mouth and jaw area weaker. Within a few years of wearing dentures, your lips will look thinner, and there will be more wrinkles around your mouth. You obviously wouldn’t want this to happen. Fortunately, with dental implants, you don’t have to face these disadvantages any more.

Dental implants are your best choice when you want to look younger and replace your missing teeth at the same time. They feel natural, which lessens the need to take them out. The best thing about dental implants is they also look a lot like real teeth—no one will notice you’re wearing them!

Not everyone is eligible to get dental implants, though. You will need enough bone density to support the implants. You may come to our office so we can give you a complete oral assessment and see if you’re suited for this treatment.

Dr. Matiasevich is one of the best implant dentists in the field, and he will help you find the right solution for your missing teeth. Contact us today if you need dental implant treatment.

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