Mini Implants as an Alternative Solution to Tooth Loss

Lost a Tooth? Try Mini Dental Implants!

You are all familiar with implants and how it helps with tooth loss; but have you ever heard of mini dental implants? They are just as viable, healthy, and effective as their bigger counterparts!

Tooth loss is a common dental woe. It can result from genetics, accidents or injuries, or dental problems. Implants and mini implants are considered some of the most advanced and effective solutions for missing teeth. What is the difference between implants and mini implants?

Mini dental implants are scaled-down versions of full-sized implants. They are small, as thin as toothpicks, and made from titanium. Most dentists use these mini implants to stabilize and help eliminate discomfort of loose dentures.

Although mini implants are as a desirable option, do their pros outweigh their cons?


  • The installation procedure is minimally invasive.
  • The process takes only a few hours. In one day, you can have a full set of brand new teeth.
  • The mini implants recover very quickly. You do not have to stick to liquids or soft foods because chewing will not damage the implants or cause pain.
  • Mini implants do not require sutures.
  • They can be beneficial for patients with significant bone loss.
  • They can be used on patients restricted from full-sized implants.


  • The implants are quite thin, making them a short-term solution.
  • You cannot use non-removable dentures with mini implants.
  • Mini implants do not have the same degree of durability and stability as normal implants.
  • They can cause minimal discomfort and clicking.

Although full dental implants are still the best long-term solutions to tooth loss, mini implants are good alternative. For full dental implants and mini implant procedures, please visit our services page.

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