Lower Denture Difficulty – Dr. Matiasevich – Santa Cruz Dentist

Lower Denture Difficulty

Lower dentures are really difficult to wear because of the fact that the denture sits on the lower part of the mouth and you have a tongue down there. The tongue is one of the strongest muscles in the body for its size, so when we speak, when we chew, when we swallow which can be up to 2,000 times per day, the tongue is moving and as it moves it takes that denture and pops it out causing lower denture difficulty. Somebody who is going to lose all of their lower teeth or has never worn a denture before, the first thing we tell them is there’s actually a learning curve. It’s not just that we can give you a denture, because we can do that, but you actually have to learn how to wear a lower denture. That becomes very problematic and it’s probably the number one problem with dentures is the lower denture.

At our office we feel that it’s the standard of care, meaning that it should just be the standard for every person that’s going to lose all their teeth that needs a lower denture, that they should have a minimum of two implants, whether they’re mini-implants which could be put in the same day as the denture, or more longer lasting larger placed implants. We think that it would be best to have those placed in the mouth because then the denture is able to snap in or be screwed into place and then is not subject to the forces of the tongue, and then a person doesn’t have to learn how to wear their denture or suffer from lower denture difficulty, they just go out and eat like normal.

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