Mark’s Dental Implant Testimonial

The implants have just been fantastic. I’ve never had any problems with them.

Interviewer: Mark, we placed some dental implants for you about three, four years ago and reconstructed the upper part of your mouth. How was the experience for you?

Mark: The experience was great, and I really love them. It’s much better than having the false teeth up there. The implants have just been fantastic. I haven’t had any problems with them. I can chew normally, like I couldn’t do before when my teeth were very bad up there.

Interviewer: Okay, good. And they look good too. You can smile. You can smile and none of them fall out.

Mark: Yes, I get quite a few compliments on my implants, and I’m very happy and so is my family. So…

Interviewer: Would you do that process again if you needed to?

Mark: Oh absolutely, yes.

Interviewer: Excellent. And I understand also that you had some issues when you first came in with your blood pressure.

Mark: Yes, my blood pressure was very high. It was like 204 over 170, and so I immediately went to the doctor, and he gave me some blood pressure medication. And then once I had the implants put in and after they settled in, my blood pressure now is down to about 117 over 70. So I’m very, very pleased with my success here.

Interviewer: Excellent. Well, thank you very much.

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