Dental Implants 101

Mini-Dental Implants are Lifesavers

You no longer have to stress or suffer over losing a tooth. Mini-dental implants will work wonders for you. They are fast, safe, and effective. You can reclaim your smile and regain your confidence in no time. You can easily get the procedure done whenever you want. There are hundreds of dentists in Santa Cruz who are ready to help you get the results you want.

Mini implants are the same as regular dental implants. It still involves the process of installing titanium screws on your mandibular bone. You can use these roots to place dentures or replacement for missing tooth. The difference is mini implants are smaller. The operation is almost painless as well. Mini-dental implants are easy to insert and are less invasive. This makes your recovery time shorter than usual. You can get back to your regular eating habits in a few days.

Dentists in Santa Cruz have designed these implants to last for a very long time. You can rest assured they are still functional by the time the next best technology comes. Your hygiene and proper dental care will affect the lifespan and quality of your implants, but they will give you great value for what you pay for.

Mini implants become semi-permanent part of your mouth. They easily integrate themselves, making you feel they are natural in no time at all. Mini-dental implants are comfortable and convenient. They allow you to eat, speak, and move your mouth the way you want to. Once the dentures or replacement teeth are in place, you will feel as if you did not lose your teeth at all.

Old procedures of replacing lost teeth, such as removable dentures, are costly and ineffective. There is also a higher risk of losing them and embarrassing you on important occasions. Dentists in Santa Cruz have already moved on and so should you.

Your teeth are an important part of your identity. You should take your dental problems seriously. To replace your lost tooth, mini-dental implants are your best solution. They provide a painless and semi-permanent way to restore back your smile.

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