Missing Teeth Partial Denture – Dr. Matiasevich – Santa Cruz Dentist

Bob Matiasevich , Jr., he did a great job. I’m very happy.

Female Interviewer: Alright. So, Evangelina, you came in because you had some teeth missing, correct?

Evangelina: Yes.

Female Interviewer: On the lower lower part of your mouth?

Evangelina: Right. The right side.

Female Interviewer: Exactly. And you had a partial made a long time ago, right?

Evangelina: Yes I did.

Female Interviewer: Okay, and you came in to have it replaced. Why did you want to replace it?

Evangelina: Well, because it didn’t fit right and it couldn’t be fixed.

Female Interviewer: Yeah, okay. . .

Evangelina: So I had to wait five years and my five years were up. And Dr. Matiasevich here, what’s his first name?

Female Interviewer: Bob.

Evangelina: Yeah, Bob Matiasevich , Jr., he did a great job. I’m very happy.

Female Interviewer: Good. And through the whole process you felt like he gave you all your options, different things that you wanted to do?

Evangelina: Yes, but I already knew what I wanted. I wanted the partial because I have insurance and that’s what would be covered.

Female Interviewer: Oh good. So you got to use your insurance for it so that helped. Well how does it look? I know you got it today.

Evangelina: Well, it looks good. It looks natural.

Female Interviewer: All right. And it’s good to fill up that that empty space on the bottom, right? Okay, well would you recommend Dr. Bob Matiasevich to somebody else if they were in the same position?

Evangelina: Oh definitely. Well I did recommend my daughter to come here and she did.

Female Interviewer: Oh good. I remember.

Evangelina: Yes.

Female Interviewer: Okay, well thank you very much.

Evangelina: You’re very welcome.

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