Missing Tooth Implant – Dr. Matiasevich – Santa Cruz Dentist

I was very pleased with it. And the whole staff here is really terrific.

Female Interviewer: All right, so Shelly, can you just kind of describe what was going on with… You had a crown that came off a while ago, correct?

Shelly: That’s right.

Female Interviewer: Okay. So what did that part of your mouth feel like when you came in?

Shelly: Well, it was in pretty bad shape because I had had problems for quite a while with that crown and that whole, whatever was there, and it was actually deteriorating very badly, the whole area. So it was a mess, let’s just put it that way.

Female Interviewer: Okay. It was time to get something done, right?

Shelly: Right. And then, when it fell out… I was kind of struggling with it for quite a while when it was loose, you know, decay and all that, and then I just basically… Fortunately, it fell out, and so that forced me to come in.

Female Interviewer: Okay. Well, I’m glad it forced you to come in.

Shelly: Yeah, right, because I was putting it off. I should have… So, it was in bad shape.

Female Interviewer: All right. Well, I remember the doctor talked to you about a couple of options. He had mentioned doing an implant, or a bridge, or a partial. What made you decide to go ahead and do an implant?

Shelly: Well, the implant sounded like it would be the closest thing to a real tooth and be the most convenient, as well as taking care of it, the appearance of it. Just everything about it sounded like it would be the best option.

Female Interviewer: Okay, good. Good. And I know you do have a bridge in your mouth. Do you think you end up cleaning more of the bridge? Is it a little bit harder to take care of?

Shelly: Well, the bridge is way in the back, so it’s something that I don’t pay much attention to, to tell you the truth. I’ve had it there for quite a while and I’m not that aware of it. And it’s way, way back.

Female Interviewer: Oh, okay. Okay.

Shelly: So it doesn’t really… Appearance-wise, it’s not something that I would notice.

Female Interviewer: Okay, all right. Well, do you like the appearance of the implant? No?

Shelly: Well, that’s the thing, it is the closest thing to a real tooth.

Female Interviewer: Yeah.

Shelly: And then, also, in terms of what I’ve been told about eating, it’s going to function just like a real tooth.

Female Interviewer: Good. Well, I totally agree with you. And would you recommend Dr. Matiasevich to someone else if they were kind of in the same situation?

Shelly: Yes, I would, definitely. People don’t usually go around talking about their problems like that, but if someone… There are people who know I’ve been working on this implant, that it’s been… So, you know, it may come up.

Female Interviewer: Okay, good. But you feel like he treated you well, everything went well?

Shelly: Absolutely.

Female Interviewer: Oh, good.

Shelly: I was very pleased with it. And the whole staff here is really terrific.

Female Interviewer: All right, well, thank you very much.

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