My New Teeth Just Belong There – Dr. Matiasevich – Santa Cruz Dentist

I like how they look. It feels like they belong there.

Interviewer: All right. So Art, nice to talk to you. So, lemme me ask you, whatever originally brought you to our office? What was going on?

Art: Somehow, I had gotten, I believe an infection near my jaws which started out on my knee from a knee infection and it went to my heart, and we were able to stop it there. They ruined it until my jaws where my teeth just start turning black and falling out, tripping off in chunks if I tried to eat anything.

Interviewer: What kind of problems was that causing just day-to-day?

Art: Oh, I couldn’t smile, I couldn’t open my mouth, I couldn’t go out to dinner or lunch with anybody. It really caused me a lot of isolation.

Interviewer: I imagine your weight went down because you couldn’t eat anything.

Art: I probably lost 15 to 20 pounds before I decided to do something about it. Which led me to see Dr. Bob.

Interviewer: Okay, well, and I know you decided to get some new teeth with implants just to replace everything that was kind of rotted out, what was gone. So, what made you decide that you wanted something like implants?

Art: The choices I was given… My mother had, what you call dentures, and I saw the problem she was having with those. And I just, I couldn’t…don’t think I could’ve lived with dentures, you know, the maintenance and the upkeep, in and out and glue and paste. I did that, had to do that, for a while and I just realized that, I know I couldn’t have done that forever, it was just frustrating.

Interviewer: Yeah, no, I can imagine. Well, how did everything go? I know you had a couple different surgeries, how do you feel when you’re in your surgeries?

Art: Everything went great, I mean, I had to have all my teeth pulled and the surgeries were, well, it let out to a step, I was so fearful. Therefore, I wouldn’t go to the doctor…dentist. I was totally afraid of the dental work. I mean, I was always hurt, there was always somebody causing me pain and I don’t pay for pain. That’s why I was so happy to be, what do you call it? Where they put you out enough to where you don’t have to suffer any. And through all the surgeries, because I had to do my uppers and lowers and then we did all the work on my uppers first, which means I had dentures on my lower, it just, I haven’t had to go through any pain at all.

I still have that, when we were working on my teeth today, that when you grinding on my teeth, the thought of how that really was when I had teeth. You know, how this just would, I couldn’t do it. I’ll literally go into shock. So, but everything…

Interviewer: But things have changed a lot then. Huh?

Art: I’m not afraid to come in exactly because the people are so good. You know, Dr. Bob is great and, you know, it’s just the time taken to get here, frustration, you know, not being able to chew or eat normally for so long of a period of time, just been really frustrating. But when you get to this point, there’s elation. You’re fine to the point where now you’re set. You got your teeth and I can tell already the difference.

Interviewer: Yeah, I was gonna ask you, how does everything feeling today?

Art: It’s just nice, they fit, I like how they look. It feels like they belong there. So, you know…

Interviewer: Okay, Good. And compared to dentures, what do you think?

Art: Oh, God, I had killed myself if I had to have dentures. No, I’d take them out and be like mom’s neighborly, you know what I mean?

Interviewer: All right. Good, so you’re happy with the result you got?

Art: Oh, yeah, I’m more than happy. I’m gonna take them for a test run tonight and see how they work.

Interviewer: All right, awesome. Thank you so much, Art.

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