My Smile is Real – Dr. Matiasevich – Santa Cruz Dentist

My smile is real and he did what I wanted.

Interviewer: All right. Patrick, I just want to ask you a couple of questions. When you first came here with Dr. Bob, how did you feel coming to the dentist, first of all?

Patrick: I had anxiety and it made me nervous. I’ve been putting off dental work for a while because of that.

Interviewer: Okay. Yeah, I was gonna say like nervousness to the point where you didn’t wanna come in. All right, and how did you feel about your smile?

Patrick: I would hide it mostly, or I would just take pictures without me smiling and people would think I just look angry or serious.

Interviewer: Well, let me ask you, did Dr. Bob make you comfortable when you had your work done here?

Patrick: Yes, very much so. Yeah, I even referred my mother and my girlfriend is a patient here now, and yeah, within one visit I was changed as far as dental work goes, yeah.

Interviewer: Awesome, awesome. And let me ask you, how do you feel about your smile now? Now that you got your work done?

Patrick: I can’t stop smiling. I like it, yeah, it’s good.

Interviewer: All right, also your wife likes it?

Patrick: Yes, she loves it.

Interviewer: All right, that’s the most important thing. Let me ask you if somebody was really nervous or anxious about coming to the dentist, would you recommend Dr. Bob? Do you think he does a good job?

Patrick: I think he does a great job. I’d definitely recommend him. Yeah, I feel like my smile is real, and I was nervous. I didn’t wanna look like…you know, goofball I guess, with a mouth full of teeth? So, yeah, he made me feel very comfortable and he did exactly what I wanted.

Interviewer: All right, awesome. We’ve already got, what, your mom and your wife, so best compliment. All right, cool. Thanks, Patrick.

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