No More Removable Denture Slip-ups with All-on-Four

No More Removable Denture Slip-ups with All-on-Four

How many elderly patients had become the subject of humor for being victims of their ill-fitting dentures that fall or slip out of their mouths? How many of them had long given up on eating their favorite food because they had trouble biting and chewing? As a result, these common problems can hinder a denture wearer from living his/her life to the fullest.

Now with the revolutionary All-on-Four permanent teeth in a day treatment, they can say goodbye to the embarrassment and say hello to getting the full function of their teeth once again. Santa Cruz implant dentist Dr. Robert Matiasevich, Jr. can replace their removable teeth with a full arch, fixed replacement teeth supported by just four implants. All they need to spare is just a single appointment at his California clinic.

Before, they might have been told that they must settle for removable dentures because severe jaw bone loss had disabled them from getting implants. Now, Dr. Matiasevich, with his vast experience and training in modern three-dimensional imaging technology in dental implants, can help restore both the aesthetic and practical functions of their teeth.

Why All-on-Four is Worth Trying

If the convenience of not having to deal with removable dentures isn’t enough yet to convince anyone to try this cutting-edge technique, here are the other reasons why the All-on-Four is worth giving a go:

• It improves the functions of biting and chewing and drives away the eating restrictions imposed upon by removable dentures
• It eliminates the anxiety of falling or slipping dentures, enabling the patient to smile and speak confidently again
• It is practically non-invasive, with almost no need for bone grafting that can pose a health risk to the patient when it does not heal properly
• It costs less than other procedures of its kind because of the fewer implants involved
• It is very time-efficient, with the actual procedure and recovery time combined for All-on-Four significantly less than that of conventional dental implant treatments

If you’re one of the many people enduring removable dentures, or if you happen to know someone who is, share the information about this latest dental implant option that can bring back comfort and fun to their daily lives. Call your Santa Cruz dentist’s staff at 831-440-7577 to set a consultation.

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