Edwardo – Santa Cruz Patient of Dr. Robert Matiasevich

I’m so happy to have those implants. It’s one of the best things I did in my life.

I am Edwardo. I came to this country in 1956 from Bolivia and during that time I enjoyed this country very much because, it’s not personal, but it’s one of the greatest countries in the world. As the time goes by I got my family and I got two daughters, Nadia and Jessica, in fact I got a business in this country which I use the name of my daughters, it’s Nadia and Jessica, it’s Najessco company. I tried to educate my daughters very well and I did and one got married with Dr. Matiasevich and the other with a doctor in Southern California.

Everything went great for me in this country and I am very grateful for what happened to me and as the time went by I had problems with my dentures. I had to have a partial for them. Since my son in law he was a doctor, he started to tell me that those partials they are not so good for me or for anybody. In fact, one time when I was talking on the phone I got a little bit upset with it in my conversation. I have to take that out in front of everybody, my partial, to keep talking because it looks to me like at the other end they didn’t understand me very well. I was very embarrassed because everybody saw what I was doing when I was talking and that’s when I started to think about the implants.

Dr. Matiasevich looked to me like he knew what happened because my daughter was there. He told me what he could do and that I needed implants. After that he said in fact it’s not only a problem here, you have infection on the next two molars and they have to come out and you aren’t going to have any teeth to chew with. That’s when I made my decision.

When I came to the office I got in and had the sedation dentistry and after a while I woke up and I asked when are you going to start? They laughed, the nurse who was there, she started to laugh, “It’s done sir, it’s done.” I couldn’t feel anything, it maybe was because of the sedation but he gave me for the pain pills, a prescription. I went to the pharmacy, I took my prescription but I never used those because I didn’t feel any pain.

After three months I came back and he put in the implants and believe me, I’m so happy. It’s working better than the originals and if you want to see it I can show you. I’m very happy, I’m very happy. I have another two molars in the back, but I am 77 years old, I don’t know if I need it, I don’t know how long I’m going to live but I’m so happy to have those implants. It’s one of the best things I did in my life.

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