Oral Sedation Dentistry – Dr. Matiasevich – Santa Cruz Dentist

Oral Sedation Dentistry

The nice thing about oral conscious sedation is a lot of patients have had nitrous oxide or other types of sedation, but oral conscious sedation is very, very safe. It’s just taking a pill before you come in to the procedure and then generally we’ll give you another pill at the time of the procedure. It usually relaxes the person, a lot of people fall asleep so that they’re asleep through the entire procedure. I’ve had many patients that come in and when they leave they walk out and when I call them later that evening they don’t remember being here. So they’re really excited, they say that was the best ever, I could come there all the time, it’s better than getting a haircut. We have lots of patients like that.

We have some patients that come in and they will basically start to cry at their first visit because they’re so emotional about past bad experiences and once we take that first step, often with a trial sedation appointment where we’ll maybe sedate them just to see how they do for an examination, they’re like okay that was perfect, I don’t remember a thing, that was great and nothing hurt, it felt good, you know what I can chew again. That’s really neat. They’ll get teary eyed sometimes when they come back and they talk to us about those things, how we changed their life just by making it more comfortable and more warming when they come in so it’s more like a family.

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