Our 3D Cat Scan Machine – Dr. Matiasevich – Santa Cruz Dentist

Our 3D Cat Scan Machine

The advantage that we have in our office as opposed to a lot of dental offices throughout the United States even and in California locally is we have a three dimensional x-ray machine in the back. That’s different than traditional x-rays that you get in most dental offices because what we can do is we can take a picture of your mouth and we can rotate it in actual real time and real space and look at it from all the different angles.

What this allows me to do is plan your treatment from start to finish all here while you’re still in the chair so that we know exactly what things are going to look like, how they’re going to go and there won’t be any surprises. With traditional x-rays you’re only seeing two dimensions, we’re not seeing that third dimension, so a lot of times if you don’t have that type of x-ray you could go into a surgical procedure and be surprised by what you see and nobody wants surprises during surgery. Even the dentist.

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