Painless Treatment for Receding Gums

Painless Treatment for Receding Gums

If you are one of those people who have receding gums and just simply dismiss it thinking it’s harmless, think again. Receding gums is a sign of gum disease that may eventually lead to tooth loss if left untreated. Now if you have sought a consultation and treatment for receding gums but have been scared off by traditional treatments like gum grafting surgery, there is new hope for you and it comes by way of a clinic in California headed by Dr. Robert Matiasevich, Jr., a Santa Cruz dentist who can treat you using the revolutionary new procedure called pinhole gum rejuvenation.

The pinhole surgical technique is a treatment for receding gums that Dr. Matiasevich, Jr. and only a few other distinguished dentists trained for under Dr. John Chao, who invented and patented the procedure. It uses a specially-designed instrument to make a small pinhole into the receded gums to loosen the gum tissue and pull them back into place, and it’s done all without any grafting, incisions or sutures.

By being less invasive compared to conventional treatment methods, it is therefore painless, has less post-operative discomfort like swelling, and thereafter, needs less recovery time. The number of visits needed to complete the entire treatment is also markedly less because Dr. Matiasevich, Jr. can treat multiple teeth per appointment in contrast to gum grafting where only one or two teeth can be treated at a time.

During the procedure, Dr. Matiasevich, Jr. will first inject local anesthesia into the gum area before making the pinhole which will serve as the entry point for the collagen strips that will keep your gums in the ideal position by fusing with the new collagen that will be produced by your body. After just a few visits, your gum line will be restored and you’ll have your healthy-looking gums back.

Don’t let your receding gums continue giving you the “old look” and worse, lead you to tooth loss. Call 831-440-7577 now for painless pinhole gum rejuvenation treatment with the help of your Santa Cruz dentist.

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