Permanent Teeth in as Quick as an Hour

Permanent Teeth in as Quick as an Hour

What can you do in an hour? Have lunch with your colleagues, watch your favorite TV show or finish your workout at the gym are probably some of the things you can do. Now, you can add “getting new teeth” on that list. This is something that would not have been possible in years past but is now being adapted by dental care providers worldwide. It’s a more efficient, accurate, safe and painless alternative to traditional teeth replacement treatment.

Santa Cruz implant dentist Dr. Robert Matiasevich, Jr. can do just that in his clinic in California. From a single missing tooth to partially or fully missing teeth, Dr. Matiasevich, Jr. can have you walking out of his dental facility with the implants or replacement teeth that you need to smile, eat and speak confidently again all in just about an hour. No more need for multiple visits or months of waiting that often come with tedious procedures and painful side effects.

The “Teeth in an Hour” Technology

Teeth-in-an-hour is made possible by computer-aided design and manufacturing technology available right inside Dr. Matiasevich’s office. After taking a CT scan of the tooth/teeth, the data will be sent to the software that will create a three-dimensional image of the expected end result. From this image, the crown/s or replacement teeth will be formed and shaped in a few minutes while the rest of the time will be spent on placing the implants.

All that potential downtime that would have otherwise been spent waiting for the crowns or replacement teeth to arrive from an outside dental lab can now be saved for the patient’s convenience. The CT scan also allows for a careful assessment of the jawbone and the ideal positioning of the implants to avoid painful aftereffects or complications after the treatment.

Being a minimally invasive procedure, it offers greatly-reduced recovery time and post-operative swelling or discomfort. You can go back to your daily routine in as short a time as what you spent on the dentist’s chair when you were undergoing this advanced dental solution.

With all these benefits, you won’t have to procrastinate any longer to get your teeth fixed. Contact the team of Santa Cruz dentist Dr. Matiasevich at 831-440-7577 to schedule an appointment ASAP.

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