Porcelain Veneers – Dr. Matiasevich – Santa Cruz Dentist

Are you happy with the shape and color? Yes, I am, very happy.

Interviewer: Okay, so Susan, you came to our…or, you’ve actually been coming to our office for a while. You had some veneers done on your front teeth, correct?

Susan: Correct.

Interviewer: How were your teeth before? Why were you kind of unsatisfied with how you looked?

Susan: Well, they were dingy looking, and I just didn’t feel confident with my smile. And this was… Having veneers was suggested to me, and I thought it sounded like a good idea. And it was a good idea.

Interviewer: Okay, good. Well, what were your main concerns before you had the veneers done?

Susan: Main concerns, as far as my smile, or the procedure itself?

Interviewer: Either one, if you had any concerns.

Susan: The concerns, personally, for me were, I just felt my smile wasn’t very attractive, and as far as the veneers overall, just what the process entailed, and if there was going to be any pain involved.

Interviewer: All right, good. And was Dr. Bob pretty thorough with you when he let you know ahead of time what was going to happen?

Susan: Of course, yes.

Interviewer: All right, good. And how was the procedure? Was it painful?

Susan: It was okay, you know. It was fine. It was really fine. I knew what was going to happen and that helped a lot.

Interviewer: Okay, good. And then, how do you feel about your smile now?

Susan: I like it.

Interviewer: Okay, good. So, you’re happy with the shape and the color, and all that kind of stuff?

Susan: Yes, I am, very happy.

Interviewer: Good, and so you’d recommend that to somebody else who’s trying, maybe, to improve their smile?

Susan: I would.

Interviewer: Okay, good. Thank you.

Susan: You’re welcome.

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