Post-op Care for Mini Dental Implants

Beautiful smiles are rare, but they can be achieved. Our Santa Cruz dental team aims to give clients the complete, perfectly aligned, clean teeth they deserve. We specialize in regular and mini dental implants for those who want to find a way to regain what they lost.

Our mini-dental implants mimic real teeth with absolute precision. This option is great for elderly patients or those who have experienced profuse bone loss.

Approved candidates may undergo the procedure as soon as possible. The process is minimally invasive compared to regular implants. As with any surgical therapy, post-op care is a requirement for the continued patency of these grafts:

Stop Bruising and Swelling

Some discoloration, redness, and swelling remain after the operation and should not be cause for alarm. Applying a cool compress or ice pack may immediately reduce or eliminate these symptoms. Use cooling packs for a minimum of 20 minutes and reapply them as needed. If bruising, swelling, or redness persists over the course of several days, consult our office immediately.

Minimize Post-Op Bleeding

Trauma to the sensitive gum tissue may result to slight bleeding. This is evident right after the procedure, extending to a few days later. Apply a cold tea bag over the area to soak up the blood and induce clotting. Keep the bag in place for at least 20 minutes then remove. Profuse bleeding signals an emergency and patients must consult our dental experts immediately for assistance.

Get Some Rest

The process involves a certain amount of pain and discomfort, which can be very taxing for any patient. Make sure to get enough rest after the procedure and avoid indulging in any vigorous activity. Sleep with your head elevated and avoid snacking on food that may potentially damage the fragile state of your implants.

Observe Oral Hygiene

Vigorous brushing and caustic mouthwash are not recommended after surgery. Our dentists may prescribe an antibacterial wash to use regularly. Only resume brushing when recommended and never put too much stress on the teeth and gums while doing so.

Getting the smile you want is possible with proper care and maintenance. Make sure to take care of your implants and enjoy the confidence they bring.

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