Put Your Dental Fears to Rest with I.V. Sedation

Put Your Dental Fears to Rest with I.V. Sedation

There’s a common perception that when it comes to dental sedation, between oral and intravenous or IV sedation, the latter is the sleep-inducing type since it provides a deeper level of sedation for more severe cases of dental fear or phobia. Although that may not always be the case, it is definitely fast-acting, as the anti-anxiety substance is directly injected into the bloodstream as compared to a sedative pill which usually takes an hour to take effect.

Santa Cruz dentist Dr. Robert Matiasevich, Jr. offers safe and effective IV sedation at his clinic in California. He believes that your fears should not prevent you from getting treatment and receiving proper dental care. A careful assessment of your medical condition if you are suitable to receive IV sedation will be done first to check for possible allergies or reactions from the IV drugs.

Once the patient is cleared for IV sedation, should the patient be so fearful that he/she would not like to have any recollection of the impending procedure, IV drugs that can cause partial amnesia can be given, depending on the patient’s preference. IV sedation may be advised if the patient wants to be insensitive to the noise, tastes or smells around the treatment area.

This flexibility is important for patients to increase their level of comfort while they agonize for several hours sitting on the dentist’s chair. This also allows the dental professional to conduct the examination or the different treatments with ease, focusing more on the technical side of the procedure rather than on managing the patient’s anxiety and responses.

Your next dental appointment need not be a horrible experience. Take it at Santa Cruz implant dentist Dr. Matiasevich’s clinic to feel the difference. Call his team at 831-440-7577 to set an appointment.

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