Restore Your Lost Tooth within 60 Minutes

Restore Your Lost Tooth within 60 Minutes

Most modern patients don’t have the time to spend for dental treatments or restore their lost teeth. Their busy schedules make them hesitant to visit their dentist and wait for their new teeth. The procedure normally takes several hours, days, or even months. Good thing there is Teeth-in-an-Hour; you can now have your new teeth in just 60 minutes.

Teeth in an Hour

Free yourself from the long wait. Teeth-in-an-Hour is the newest and most convenient dental solution for busy patients like you. This major breakthrough in modern dentistry spares you from the long healing time, painful sessions, and side effects of traditional teeth replacement procedures. Dr. Matiasevich may give you dental implants or replacements in just an hour using this innovative treatment.

How it Works

The procedure is easy and fast. Dr. Matiasevich uses a CT scan and virtual reality software to determine the proper place for your new teeth. This way, he may plan accordingly and start making your implants accurately before doing any surgery.

The Benefits

Teeth-in-an-Hour is a remarkably fast, accurate, and comfortable restoration treatment for single or multiple lost teeth. The procedure is computer guided, which allows the dental surgeon to pre-plan and pre-manufacture your new teeth with precision. This means you are safe from pain and adverse side effects of traditional treatments. You will no longer wait for several months as the process only takes 60 minutes. You can go back to your normal routine, as this minimally invasive surgical treatment requires no stitches. You may even eat right after the appointment.

Providing fast, safe, and reliable dental solutions is the primary goal of Dr. Matiasevich. This is why he recommends Teeth-in-an-Hour as one of his areas of specialization. Contact us to set an appointment and see the difference it can make for you and your overall dental health.

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