Safe and Pain-Free Procedures with IV Sedation

Safe and Pain-Free Procedures with IV Sedation

Sedation, as it has been used in dentistry, has facilitated many procedures that would have otherwise been very difficult to do or even next to impossible if not for the use of sedatives, especially in severely fearful or anxious patients. In itself, dental sedation entails some risks too, particularly intravenous or IV sedation wherein the sedative is injected directly into the bloodstream. A patient may be allergic to certain sedative drugs and an intense allergic reaction may lead to a potentially fatal outcome is not properly handled by a competent professional.

An allergic reaction may result in suppressed breathing, airway obstruction (blockage of respiration in the airway) or apnea (suspension of external breathing), which puts the patient at risk of not getting enough oxygen to the brain. Their blood pressure can also dramatically drop during the procedure (hypotension), which can also deprive the brain and other organs of much needed oxygen. It is therefore imperative that sedation be administered by a certified medical professional and that while the patient is under sedation, he/she should be closely monitored and extra oxygen should be available on standby and given as needed.

It is for this delicate reason that Santa Cruz implant dentist Dr. Robert Matiasevich, Jr. requires the presence of an anesthesiologist when administering IV sedation in his clinic in California. The sedative may or may not induce sleep and depending on the type of drug given, but will definitely help to reduce the anxiety of the patient and make him/her feel less of the pain.

Before any sedatives are injected, Dr. Matiasevich will first assess the patient’s level of dental fear as well as his/her personal health condition and medical history. Depending on the complexity of the treatment that he/she needs to undergo, Dr. Matiasevich will finally determine the type of sedation method to be used.

If you have extreme dental fear or phobia and are interested in learning more about sedation dentistry, then set a consultation with Dr. Matiasevich by calling 831-440-7577 today.

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