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What Our Patients Say about Dr. Matiasevich (Santa Cruz Dentist)

Male: Doctor Bob is, I want to say, my sixth dentist in Santa Cruz. After a lot of procedures and a lot of places, I was looking for somebody that made me more comfortable. I had some problems with, not necessarily the people at other dentists, but just the overall experience. I felt like I wasn’t being treated, I guess, the way that I wanted to be. So I started looking around and I came in here and pretty much liked it after the first go around. I mean, all the people are amazing here, and yeah, I was a big fan of the sedation dentistry. I want to be feeling as little as possible so that was definitely one of the draws to come here.

Female: Well, I had complete dental anxiety. So pretty much neglected my teeth most of my adult life and had really bad experiences as a child, and it was a huge deal for me to come to a dentist and it was a big obstacle for me to get past in my life, and I just kind of went in with blind faith that it would all work out, and I’m so happy I did.

Female 2: It just felt right, you know, I just felt really confident, it felt like he knew exactly what he was doing and I didn’t feel any bit of a doubt, or, you know, he’s very straightforward, I like his straightforward attitude. And also, there’s something about being young, you know, some people say that’s inexperience, but I think it’s also having the latest and greatest techniques, having your finger on the newest technology, and I really appreciate that.

Female 3: My confidence in my dental implant is…well, I’m a retired teacher, I would say it’s definitely at the A level. I don’t have any doubts about it. The process was pain-free and I feel more confident with the implants in my mouth than I did with my tip in bridge that I used to have.

Male 2: The implant process has been easy money. This week I’m scheduled for the last step in the process to actually get the crowns put on the implant posts, and then I will be finished. But from the extraction process which was a little tough, because the tooth that needed to be extracted was in there pretty good, to the bone grafting and the placement of the posts and the impression has all been handled well, and it’s been quite easy.

Male 3: Everything has been on the plus side. There hasn’t been any complication. Chewing is better, I look better, it just, all the way around it’s a win-win situation.

Female 4: There was excellent service, care. It was the best.

Male 4: I found the sedation dentistry that Doctor Bob offers is just amazing. My whole life I’ve gotten nothing but shots and there was a lot of pain involved, and with the sedation, the time just went by, just listening to music. Next thing I knew, I was walking out with brand new teeth and it was just amazing. The lack of fear that’s involved when you’re sedated like that, instead of laying there with your mouth open and hearing the drill the whole time, it’s amazing.

Male 5: He’s done quite a bit of work in my mouth. Fixing fillings, caps, and stuff, but this last time I got all my teeth redone, a bunch of new caps and stuff. He’s actually in the process right now of finishing it. I haven’t got the finished product, but I’m really happy with how it’s gone so far. I’m smiling a lot more than I was before, that’s for sure.

Female 5: I just really felt like a good vibe, like, it’s very welcoming as soon as you come in, all the receptionists are really nice and all the other dentists and dental assistants are really welcoming. And it was just a very gentle, welcoming environment. I feel like…I still kind of had anxiety, just because I was going to the dentist, but then as soon as I got here I felt much better about it and I was just like, “Okay, this is…” As soon as I walked in I just felt like everything was gonna be okay.

Female 6: He works very well with the other people in his office that come in and are on the other side of the chair and doing well, they work well together. Or if I’m having them cleaned and she wants him to look at something, it works out, flows very well.

Male 6: Well you’re always concerned about the cost, but again with dental insurance and payment plans and everything that he’s offered, you can’t afford not to invest in your smile, and your whole self-confidence, and your whole being is just improved. I have 11 implants, so I have a whole new…I had nothing, now I have everything.

Male 7: I mean, you really can’t put a price on being able to smile, and like I said, it makes such a difference in your life, in everything that you do, whether it’s seeing family that I haven’t seen in a while, I’m so happy like smile, and they say, “Something’s different about you.” They can tell right off the bat and you can’t put a price on it, put it that way, to be able to smile and not feel self-confident about it. You don’t feel that, “Are they staring at my teeth?” nNow you feel like, “I hope they’re staring at my teeth because I feel pretty good about them.” I really couldn’t put a price on how it’s changed my life and how confident it makes me feel.

Male 8: If you talk to other folks that have considered implants or that have had implants, the first thing that people usually want to mention is the out-of-pocket costs, and I was very fortunate, and I’m very grateful to the doctor because I was unemployed when I began this process, and I was able to work out some financing with the doctor that was able to reduce my out-of-pocket cost and allow him to do his work efficiently, to reduce his cost and pass it on to myself as a patient.

Female 7: When I come in they know my name, and I don’t have much of a wait, and then when I’m sitting there I don’t have to sit in the room and wait for them to take care of my teeth, they promptly do it.

Male 8: I mean I didn’t think that dentistry would have such a big influence on my life, but for sure. I mean, as I said ,you get a second chance, when you’ve had it man, you’ve…I did it to myself a lot. I mean, I did poor hygiene over the years, and that was on me, you know, and now I’m listening to Doctor Bob now.

Male 9: I’m real happy, absolutely. I would tell anybody the same thing, that you can’t lose on this investment for life, and life’s short. Enjoy it and get the most out of it.

Female 8: There are all kinds of dentists in the world, and not many of them are the caliber of Doctor Bob. I just, I feel very lucky to be a patient of his.

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