Sedation Dentistry Review

Everything was better than I could have even hoped for. I came in very nervous. I got the point where I didn’t want to go to the dentist at all….it was the best experience ever.

Interviewer: Good afternoon, Patty. So I understand you had a little work done, and you were really nervous about being here at the dentist’s, and you had to do oral sedation. How was that?

Patty: Everything was better than I could have even hoped for. I came in very nervous, that I got to the point I didn’t want to go to the dentist at all. And I came in; from the very first time of just trying it out, cleaning my teeth, that went so smoothly. I was so relaxed and comfortable. And every step of the way, I was asked how everything was, how I felt with everything. And they adjusted to every little time that I blinked, almost, just to check in and see. And it was the best experience ever. I’m like, “Okay, great. When’s my next appointment?” And I had a lot of work to be done.

Interviewer: So how was the whole process? Feel comfortable and relaxed with the medication that we gave you, that you used?

Patty: I did, and it was something I hadn’t tried before, and I had had no idea how it was. And they…it’s just been great here with the way that the care of making sure that the medication was working, and that, as we went through the appointment, how I was feeling, and all of the things that helped along with keeping me relaxed with it was a big help.

Interviewer: Did you have any concerns or worries about it?

Patty: Not after I was here the first time. No, I felt that I was in the right place, I was in the right hands. Before that, yes, I would never go to the doctor or a dentist. I could lose all my teeth, and I would have been fine.

Interviewer: Good. So you would you recommend Dr. Robert to other friends?

Patty: Absolutely, absolutely. The office, everyone here has been just as nice as can be, and so helpful.

Interviewer: Good. Do you like your teeth?

Patty: Yes, I do, I do. They look like my teeth.

Interviewer: Yeah, well, thank you so very much.

Patty: Thank you.

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