Dentures Have Come a Long Way

Say Goodbye to Loose Dentures

Wearing dentures isn’t exactly fun if they keep slipping off. Ill-fitted dentures may cause embarrassments if they slip off whenever you eat or speak. These may even cause discomfort and soreness, which may lead to gum problems later on.

We’ve seen people use dental adhesives or pastes to secure their dentures, but we believe there is a better alternative to the problem. We provide dental implants to help patients who have problems with loose dentures. Our dental implants may provide many benefits when it comes to function, appearance, and oral health.

No More Worries on Diet

Dental implants act as tooth roots that support dentures and keep them in place. You can eat steak and other foods you like without worrying that your dentures might slip off or break. These may also make chewing and biting easier so you don’t always have to stick to soft diets. Make sure, though, to avoid hard or sticky foods that may damage the dentures or implants.

Improved Speech

It may be embarrassing to speak in front of a crowd if your dentures keep falling out of your mouth. These may even cause lisps or other speech problems, which make it even more humiliating to interact with others. With our implants, you may freely speak without thinking about your dentures. These also secure your dentures so you won’t have any problems pronouncing words properly.

Better Appearance and Confidence

Missing one or more teeth may make you feel less confident about yourself—dental implants may change that. Natural and biocompatible, implants feel much like your original teeth. These help preserve the facial structure by preventing bone loss and sagging due to missing teeth.

Long-Lasting Solutions

One of the reasons we always recommend dental implants is they last longer compared to other restorations. With these, you may no longer need to use adhesives or make continuous adjustments to keep dentures in good condition. Implants may last long, but remember to take care of them properly so you can avoid problems later on.

Loose dentures don’t need to get in the way of your smile. Set an appointment to find out if dental implants are the right solutions for you.

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