Secrets to Brighter, Whiter Teeth

Secrets to Brighter, Whiter Teeth

Stained, yellow teeth happen as people age. Most people aren’t comfortable socializing because of their discolored teeth. As one of the trusted dentists in Santa Cruz, we understand the concern of patients. If you are facing the same problem, read and practice the tips below to have brighter, whiter teeth.


Say Cheese: Munching on cheese after meals helps prevent tooth decay and promote whiter teeth. Milk and cheese help keep teeth free from cavity as they contain calcium and phosphorus. The calcium in cheese may prevent stains that are often caused by dark-colored beverages, like red wine.

Say No to Dark-Colored Beverages: All sweetened, dark-colored drinks may cause teeth discoloration. Most energy drinks are worse, as they may erode enamel after an excessive intake. Drinking too much sweetened drinks may result to discolored teeth. Do not sip these drinks for a long period to avoid stains. Brush your teeth immediately or rinse your mouth with water after drinking coffee or tea.

Crunch on Veggies and Fruits: Crispy fruits and vegetables have sharpness that helps eliminate teeth stains and give an instant illusion of whiter teeth. Eat carrots or pears to clean tooth surface without posing harm to the enamel. Some foods trigger saliva, washing away food debris from your teeth.


Laser teeth whitening is a great way to treat stained and discolored teeth. If you want to whiten your teeth, our team of professionals is ready to address your problem. They can even perform full mouth reconstruction and smile makeovers to bring back your smile and confidence.

For deep stains, visit our clinic for checkups and professional cleaning. Our dentist may perform teeth whitening treatment to get rid of stains caused by poor oral hygiene or the beverages or food you consume.

Practice good dental hygiene and schedule an appointment with us to provide you with the treatment you need. For more information about our laser teeth whitening treatment, visit our clinic or contact (831) 440-7577.

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