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Would you recommend Dr. Matiasevich for someone that is nervous? Absolutely. It’s unbelievable.

Interviewer: All right, Rodney. So you came in a couple months ago for an exam. I know you had several things going on, correct? You had a missing tooth, wanted to get that replaced.

Rodney: And a lot of pockets.

Interviewer: Lots of pockets. When the doctor did the complete exam for you, do you feel like he gave you a good explanation of what was going on in your mouth?

Rodney: Yeah, I think he fully explained everything to me and gave me the options of what was happening and what I could do to stop it or to take it to the next level or whatever, and it was fully explained.

Interviewer: All right, good. And he went over your options really well on replacing the tooth?

Rodney: Yeah, the bridge work and how they couldn’t do one because of the situation he already got to. And also that a lot of the gum…the bone was getting lost, so they had to…so he put the stuff in and rebuilt the gum back out and works out great.

Interviewer: All right, great. So I know he worked real closely with the hygienist, correct? So not only restoring the teeth, but also getting your gums back into shape. With everything you did, the bridge, I know you got a deep cleaning, were you satisfied with, were you comfortable the whole time? Everything went well?

Rodney: Fabulous. I did the sensitive…What’s that called? The sedation…

Interviewer: Oh, the oral conscious sedation.

Rodney: Fantastic. Any of you who hasn’t done that, do that. You don’t even know you were here.

Interviewer: Okay, because were you nervous at the thought of coming in without the sedation or…

Rodney: I get the jitters if I here a drill doing at a construction site. I ball up.

Interviewer: All right, all right. So that definitely helped then.

Rodney: Absolutely.

Interviewer: All right, good. So you’d recommend that to somebody who’s nervous about coming in?

Rodney: Absolutely. It takes nothing out of your day, and once you have it done, you don’t fear about coming in the next time because it didn’t hurt the last time. It’s unbelievable.

Interviewer: All right, good. So recommend Dr. Bob’s office if somebody’s looking around for somebody?

Rodney: Even if they aren’t Yugoslavian, I’d tell them to come down here.

Interviewer: Okay. All right, great. Thanks, Rodney.

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