Snap On vs. Fixed Dentures – Dr. Matiasevich – Santa Cruz Dentist

Snap On vs. Fixed Dentures

When people come in and they have a set of dentures or they’ve been told they’re going to lose all their teeth and they’re going to need a set of dentures, we will usually give them various options for a permanent restoration detailing snap on vs. fixed dentures. Whether it’s a denture which a lot of people are familiar with, something that comes in and out of your mouth, or nowadays with implants we are able to put implants in various parts of the mouth so the denture will actually snap in. What that does is it eliminates the glue or the adhesive that people normally put in. It gives them a sense of security so that if they sneeze or they’re out in the public chewing that they’re not going to have their dentures fall out of their mouth, they’re actually secured in there. That’s a huge upgrade. It’s almost mandatory I feel for the lower denture that some type of snap design is made.

With a screw design, what that allows you to do is now we can eliminate not only the fear of losing your dentures when you’re eating, but now you have the denture actually screwed into the jawbone, you can’t take it out. It’s the most lifelike restoration you can have. We have minimized the amount of acrylic so you don’t have the bulk of material going across the roof of your mouth, it’s more teeth that are attached or screwed directly into the dentures. It takes 20 / 30 years off the person’s life and puts them back where they used to have their teeth. Now they can chew normally and they don’t have to worry about taking anything in and out of their mouth. It’s really the high end sort of Cadillac way to go with your mouth if you’re missing everything. It’s exciting and they look great.

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