Solution for Tooth Loss

Solution for Tooth Loss

Oral hygiene plays an important role in a person’s health. Proper cleaning and regular dental consultation may help avert tooth decay, bad breath, gum problems, and other types of oral conditions. Dentists in Santa Cruz may offer different treatments to keep your teeth in good condition. They may provide mini-dental implants as an alternative solution for tooth loss. Find out how these work in keeping the appearance and functionality of your teeth.

Difference from Standard Treatments

Mini dental implants (MDIs) are smaller than regular implants—usually having a diameter of less than three millimeters. These may have varying lengths with multiple head and body designs. Their different body types enable better stability for different bone densities. For example, some types may have sharp or slightly blunted tips to provide better penetration to the jawbone. These also have a prosthetic head, which enables better anchorage to dentures, bridges, or crowns.

Mini Implant Surgery

MDIs require less invasive surgery compared to standard dental implants—dentists may place the mini implants within an hour and complete the procedure in one visit. These also require less stitching, drilling, and gum cutting on the treated area, making recovery faster compared to standard surgeries.
MDIs are suitable for patients without periodontal disease, as Santa Cruz dentists attach the implants to the gum and bone tissues. They are also ideal for those with less bone thickness and space, as they have a smaller diameter than conventional implants. Nevertheless, dental specialists may not recommend the procedure to those who have uncontrolled diabetes or other conditions that may affect the implant’s success rate.

A Cost-Effective Solution to Tooth Loss

Choosing mini implants may provide several benefits. These may eliminate the frustration and problems associated with loose-fitting dentures. With MDIs, you can eat and speak without worrying about slipping or breaking your dentures or bridge. You also do not need to use adhesives or pastes in securing your dentures or bridges.
Mini implants may also help improve bone retention and prevent jawbone degeneration. These may help prevent other teeth from shifting out of their alignment. These may also provide the smile you want in just one visit, as dentists in Santa Cruz may place dentures or bridges after installing the implants.

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