Stay Relaxed for Oral Surgery with I.V. Sedation

Stay Relaxed for Oral Surgery with I.V. Sedation

If you are suffering from tooth loss and have long wanted to get dental implants, but are scared of the oral surgery involved in the procedure, then Santa Cruz implant dentist Dr. Robert Matiasevich, Jr. may just be the person that can end your toothless days. Dr. Matiasevich, Jr. performs teeth-in-an-hour teeth replacement in his clinic in California with the aid of intravenous sedation to enable patients with dental fear or phobia to get the implants they need.

In intravenous or I.V. sedation, the sedative drug acts on the patient’s anxiety, making them totally relaxed and unaware of the sights, sounds and smells inside the dental clinic that they would normally be quite sensitive to. By putting the patient in a deep state of sedation and controlling their gag reflex, Dr. Matiasevich, Jr. can perform the dental implants procedure without any interruption, resulting in high-quality work in less time than it would normally take if it was done without sedation. Even if you’ll be deeply sedated, you won’t be unconscious or asleep and you would still be able to respond to his instructions during treatment.

I.V. sedation is administered using a small needle placed either on top of the hand or on the inner elbow, so if you also have a fear of needles, you may first be given some mild nitrous oxide (laughing gas) sedation to enable you accept the I.V. needle. If the pain from placing the implants is your concern, this will be addressed by the local anesthetic that will be injected into the gums before making any incisions. Likewise, the anesthetic will not be injected until the I.V. sedative has fully kicked-in, and any incisions will not be made not until the anesthetic has taken effect. Your retained ability to respond to Dr. Matiasevich, Jr. will allow you to tell him when you’ve become numb.

Call 831-440-7577 to book an appointment with Santa Cruz dentist Dr. Matiasevich, Jr. during which a review of your medical history and current health condition will be diligently conducted before doing any procedure to ensure your safety and utmost comfort.

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