Teeth In A Day – Dr. Matiasevich – Santa Cruz Dentist

Teeth In A Day

Teeth in a day is an approach that we have here in our office where we basically will build a person’s teeth ahead of time. Sometimes that might take a couple of appointments beforehand, but once we have the teeth ready, whether it’s an individual tooth, a bridge, a denture, just whatever teeth a person needs, maybe sometimes it’s a full mouth, the top and the bottom. What we do with teeth in a day is a person comes in and all the work is completed in that day, meaning the work that most people think of when they come to the dental office, meaning okay I have to get numb, or I have to be sedated and put to sleep, or I have to have a tooth pulled or I need a root canal or I need implants placed.

All the work is completed that day and the permanent teeth are going in at that same time, so when you leave at the end of that appointment you have your teeth. It’s exciting, it’s new and with modern technology, our CT scan, we’re able to plan all these things almost in virtual reality ahead of time so that the computers and the lab technician can build your teeth and your perfect smile so that when you come in that day and we do the work, you’re walking out with that new smile. It’s really cool because you see amazing transformations in people with teeth in a day.

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