Teeth in an Hour – Restorations in a Flash

Teeth in an Hour – Restorations in a Flash

There was a time when going to the dental clinic was perceived like a visit to the hospital. You’d have to make multiple appointments with your doctor to get the initial diagnosis for your illness, undergo the series of treatments, and schedule follow-up visits until such time that you are completely healed. But these days, thanks to fast and reliable computer-aided technology, a dental appointment is now like a day at the spa or beauty salon, where you can get immediate relief and an instant makeover in as short a time as necessary.

Take for example getting a crown for a root canal treated or already broken tooth, or having implants placed in case you were missing more teeth. In the past you’d have to set aside more than several days for the initial consultation, the taking of mouth and teeth impressions to be sent to a dental lab where the crown or cap will be made, while you wear temporaries as you wait for the permanent ones to arrive.

But now, with the groundbreaking teeth-in-an-hour innovation available at the California clinic of Santa Cruz dentist Dr. Robert Matiasevich, Jr., those several days are cut down to a single appointment, with the actual procedure itself taking even less time, as little as a few minutes to create the crown or implant and about the same period of time for these to be placed. A CT scan of your tooth/teeth is all that’s needed to create the 3D image of what your final restoration should look like and these can just as quickly be formed and shaped right inside the facility.

Not only will the overall procedure be quick and easy, it’s all guaranteed to be safe and effective as well since the CT scan is instrumental in making an accurate evaluation of your jawbone to determine the ideal position for the implants. Proper positioning is crucial in preventing post-operative pain and other complications that may arise from the procedure.

With treatments like teeth-in-an-hour, you’ll spend less time in the clinic and more time to do the things you want as soon as possible. Call 831-440-7577 to set the appointment with your Santa Cruz implant dentist that will change the way you view dental treatments forever.

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