Teeth in an Hour: Silencing the Skeptics

Teeth in an Hour: Silencing the Skeptics

New teeth in just one hour? “Who would believe that?” says the skeptic. Anytime a new technology springs to our attention, there will always be people who won’t believe in it. It’s normal to start questioning something unheard of. It’s what helps man to learn and discover. But to completely shoot down something because you don’t believe in it may be a disadvantage. You’re clearly missing out on something innovative you haven’t tried yet.

Seeing is believing – and for some, they would rather suffer from missing teeth or go for longer procedures involving pain. Does Teeth in an Hour actually deliver?

How “One Hour” is Teeth in an Hour?

While the dental procedure carries a time limit on its name, it’s a rough estimate. The point behind the treatment is it can turn months’ worth of procedure into one sitting. You don’t have to wait and come back several times before finally getting a replacement tooth.

The implantation of the new tooth in itself will only take an hour. The consultation period, dental imaging, and the fabrication of the prosthetic are not part of the countdown. But it won’t take as long as traditional dental implant procedure.

How About Quality?

You may have perfect teeth after the procedure, but will it last? An hour seems too rushed to yield quality results. Whatever happened to patience and the process of development? It’s understandable that people will question the promised time limit of the procedure.

Before the 60-minute procedure, the patient will undergo advanced CT scans and x-rays to check the placement of nerves in the gums. Part of the scan includes the plan of the safe placement of the implant. Using CAD technology, you may be sure of accurate dental implants to use as your new teeth. This technology allows you to get implants of the right size, appropriate to your existing teeth.

Rest assured you will not go through the procedure without careful planning assisted with modern technology.

Now that all your questions have been answered, you may start thinking about whether you should undergo this procedure or not. Visit this page to learn more about our Teeth in an Hour treatment. Call 831-440-7577 and discuss it with our dental professionals.

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