Caring for Dental Implants After Surgery

The Dos and Don’ts after Dental Implant Surgery

Implants have become a standard option for many patients with missing teeth. Although this is the case, many still have doubts and second thoughts when it comes to post-operative care. Just like any other surgical procedure, dental implants require proper care and maintenance; the only difference being a much faster recovery period and minus the hospital stay. Here’s a short guide to the simple dos and don’ts after dental implant surgery.

Do: Maintain a Nutritious Diet

Just because you can’t properly chew immediately after surgery doesn’t mean you have to stick to a bland and boring soft diet. Do prior research before the procedure; look for flavorful and nutritious recipes you can whip up to ensure you maintain a healthy diet even if you can’t chew. Keep your blood pressure, cholesterol, and the wound in your mouth in mind when choosing the food items that will go into your diet.

Don’t: Go Back to Old Habits and Vices

Tooth loss is often the result of poor oral hygiene maintenance and other factors like smoking. As is the case with most other cosmetic procedures, we advise that you drop the bad habits and pick up new ones instead. Dental implants have a long term success rate and you need to keep it that way. Drop your vices and start taking proper care of your teeth.

Do: Learn All You Can about Proper and Ongoing Maintenance

The long term success of your new dental implants will depend on how well you take care of it. Learn as much as possible about maintenance and don’t be afraid to ask questions if you have them. Despite the comprehensive discussion we have with every patient about care, you might have questions that go unanswered. Never hesitate to bring these up if they go unaddressed.

Don’t: Rush the Recovery Process

As is the case with most other surgical procedures, you will need time to rest and recover from dental implant placement. Don’t go rushing back to work or your daily routine. It is always best to plan ahead and make sure to clear your schedule for at least a week after your scheduled appointment. This will give you enough time to recover and settle in with your new teeth before getting back into the daily grind.

These are just some of the dos and don’ts we will discuss with you after the procedure. Browse through the rest of our blogs to learn about preparation for and what to expect during dental implant surgery. We look forward to helping you address your tooth loss dilemma through this solution soon!

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