Making Life with Dentures Better using Mini-Implants

The Many Wonders of Mini-Dental Implants

Losing one or more teeth may cause problems on your health and appearance. Not only do these prevent you from smiling confidently, missing teeth may make it hard to speak and eat properly. As providers of quality dental care, we’re among the few offering mini-dental implants to restore smiles and preserve your overall oral health. These transcend standard dental treatments, as mini-implants offer many benefits that can rival traditional tooth restorations.

They Help Improve Oral Functions

Mini-dental implants serve as artificial tooth roots to provide stable support for dentures, bridges, crowns, and other types of restorations. Though they appear smaller than standard implants, these may easily fuse with the jawbone and prevent other teeth from shifting out of their positions. With these, you can eat and speak properly without your restorations slipping off your mouth.

They are Less Invasive

These implants have a smaller diameter compared to conventional posts, which make them ideal for those who do not have enough bone or gum tissues. As they appear smaller, you may not need to undergo bone graft surgery just to accommodate the titanium post. Our Santa Cruz dentists may only use a small pilot bit to create a small space or opening on the jawbone to give way to the implant. With a minimally invasive procedure, the treated area may heal faster and cause less discomfort.

They Offer Long-Lasting Results

Despite being small, mini-implants may offer long-term results. These implants may last for as long as 20 years if given proper care. These restorations are also made of high quality and biocompatible titanium posts for optimum oral functions. With these, you may get rid of the discomfort and trouble associated with ill-fitting restorations.

Caring for Your Mini-Implants

Preserving your restorations can yield favorable results for your oral health. Always brush and clean your teeth to remove food debris and oral plaque buildup. You should also refrain from eating too many sweets, as these foods may only attract bacteria and cause damage to your implants. Set an appointment with our Santa Cruz dentists to find out more about proper implant care and good oral hygiene.

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