Gary – Santa Cruz Patient of Dr. Robert Matiasevich

I found the sedation dentistry that Dr. Bob offers is just amazing.

Hi, my name is Gary, I’m a patient here at Dr. Matiasevich’s office. I’ve known him for about six months now since I’ve been receiving care here. I met Dr. Bob at a local Little League where his son participates and I run the snack shack. My brother got to know him, he’s an umpire there, my twin brother and he received some care for implants from Dr. Matiasevich and had glowing reviews about not only him personally but the care he received here. My initial fear of dentists which was probably fostered by military dentists when I was younger and spotty care throughout my life, I ended up with only just a few teeth left and I needed implants as well. The first place I wanted to try was here with my brother’s recommendation and the care has just been super. I’ve always been afraid of the dentist and related pain and dentistry together very closely. The experience here was just super with the staff that makes you feel at home and remind you properly to come in on time. Dr. Bob is just great, the way he works with you and does his modern thing, just miracles that he performs in there giving smiles back to people who haven’t smiled in years, and being able to eat foods. I was pretty well resigned to eating soft eggs and yoghurt the rest of my life and now at age 60 I’m able to eat anything I want again. It’s just unbelievable the difference between what was just a few weeks ago and what is now, it’s marvelous.

Beyond being able to eat and smile, I guess that’s everything to me. It changes your whole life in so many ways. I work in a coffee house and I work out at the Little League so I meet a lot of people and I talk to a lot of people and I need my teeth. Everybody does and you see everybody has them and when you don’t, like I said it’s a club you don’t want to be in and it’s really great to have teeth. I think it’s something a lot of people take for granted but as you go through life and you’re losing them one at a time it’s a horrible thing, and this is a permanent solution. I don’t have to worry about it anymore. These implants aren’t going to fall out.

I found the sedation dentistry that Dr. Bob offers is just amazing. My whole life I’d gotten nothing but shots and there was a lot of pain involved. With the sedation, the time just went by and I just listened to music. The next thing I knew I was walking out with brand new teeth and it was just amazing; the lack of fear that’s involved when you’re like that, instead of laying there with your mouth open and hearing the drill the whole time. It’s amazing.

They notice not only my teeth, they say I’ve never noticed your teeth before or your teeth are so white or you look younger suddenly; the compliments just flow and flow and then you kind of have to tell the story. It’s a part of your life now, your new implants and what a wonderful adventure it’s been for you and not only painless and seamless but all the benefits of everything; you’re eating with them again, you’re laughing, you’re smiling. It’s amazing, really, and everybody notices because it was so bad before and it’s so good now.

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