Tips Before and After IV Sedation

Tips Before and After IV Sedation

A scheduled trip to your dentist’s office never fails to send a shiver up your spine. Who can blame you? Aside from causing you to experience a significant amount of physical anguish, your dental appointments also subject you to a lot of emotional torment. Luckily for you, your dentist has agreed to put you under IV sedation on the day of your appointment. That’s definitely welcome news since IV sedation can effectively calm you down and prevent you from feeling any pain while receiving the necessary dental treatment.

To make sure that IV sedation doesn’t give you any trouble, we have listed some tips that you need to follow before and after your procedure.

Before your procedure
• Visit your dentist as often as possible. Regularly visiting your dentist allows you to obtain a background on IV sedation as well as seek clarifications to any questions you may have. Furthermore, this gives you an opportunity to build a sense of trust and comfort with the person in charge of administering your procedure.
• Do further research on IV sedation. Your dentist might not be able to provide you all the important details on IV sedation, so you should make a conscious effort to further educate yourself through books and informational websites.
• Ask a responsible adult to accompany you to the hospital. You’ll be in no shape to drive or even walk properly after undergoing IV sedation. Thus, a responsible adult should come with you to escort you home.
• Stay away from alcoholic beverages one day before your appointment. The sedatives that are infused into your veins may not react properly to alcohol.

After your procedure
• Get a lot of rest. Resting allows you to regain your strength in a much faster time.
• Eat only a light meal. Eating a heavy meal right after your procedure may cause you to feel dizzy. Have a light meal instead.

If you seek additional information on IV sedation, you may consult your Santa Cruz dentist or book an appointment with him by calling 831-440-7577.

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