Understanding the Denture Procedure – Dr. Matiasevich – Santa Cruz Dentist

Understanding the Denture Procedure

What implants do is they don’t necessarily themselves restore the jaw bone for an individual, but once implants are placed in a jaw they do preserve the remaining bone around them. That’s a big benefit because once you lose your teeth you continue to lose bone throughout the rest of your life. If you’re wearing loose fitting dentures, the looser the denture is that loss of bone is accelerated over time. By putting implants in, not only do you support what’s remaining of the bone structure, but now what you attach to the implant, if it’s a denture or if it’s teeth, whatever, that restores more of the facial balance, the bone, soft tissue and you get a better appearance. You have a fuller look instead of having that scrunched in wrinkled look that you get a lot with just regular traditional dentures.

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