Billy – Santa Cruz Patient of Dr. Robert Matiasevich

I’m very happy with the work that Dr. Bob

I would describe my confidence level in Dr. Bob’s work as very high and I would have no hesitation at all in recommending Dr. Bob’s work to anybody that I know.

I think that Dr. Matiasevich is a student of the game as far as staying up with cutting edge technology to making sure that his patients have the latest in pain management tools available to us.

The implant process has been easy money. This week I’m scheduled for the last step in the process, to actually get the crowns put on the implant post and then I will be finished. For me the extraction process, which was a little tough because the tooth that needed to be extracted was in there pretty good, to the bone grafting, the placement of the posts, and the impression has all been handled well and it’s been quite easy.

I have not experienced any pain that is memorable to me after treatment, so the process has been, I want to say now almost six months, so I don’t remember anything distinctly, no problem.

If you talk to other folks that have considered implants or that have had implants, the first thing that people usually want to mention is the out of pocket cost. I was very fortunate and I’m very grateful to Dr. Matiasevich because I was unemployed when I began this process and I was able to work out some financing with the doctor that was able to reduce my out of pocket cost and allow him to do his work efficiently to reduce his costs and pass it on to myself as a patient.

I always feel like if there is an issue with any type of billing, or perhaps there’s a lack of clarification on my part concerning a bill or payment or projected costs or dealing with insurance companies, that I know that I always have good support here and it’s only a phone call away. I can pick up the phone and I can talk to the folks here in the office and we can resolve any issues that might arise.

I’m very happy with the work that Dr. Bob Junior currently does for me, as was I with the work that his father did for me and the entire staff here, the excellent staff of hygienists and the excellent office staff that always take care of all of my family’s needs, including my wife and my son. When my younger daughter graduates from pediatric dentistry then she’ll come to see Dr. Matiasevich for her dental care also.

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