Beth – Santa Cruz Implant Dentistry

We make our patients as comfortable as possible so that they can get the best care possible.

I like what I do and I really try and transmit that to the people that I work with. We all recognize that the dentist is not everybody’s favorite place to go but it is something important; we’re doing something to keep people healthy. So while they’re at the Santa Cruz Implant Dentistry office we want to transmit that to them and make them as comfortable as possible so that they can get the best care possible and keep the best quality of care they can at home.

I have worked in other medical offices but I was actually in the front as a receptionist, I was on the phones, I was in medical records, so I’ve gotten some experience in the front. To tell you the truth I really love it in the back. I like doing stuff with my hands so it’s neat. I’m bilingual, I speak Spanish, so here that’s nice for me too because we’re able to extend that really good care to people even if their English isn’t so great.

I like working with all the different patients. It’s something interesting, it’s always something new every day and a good thing too with Dr. Bob is we get lots of training and new techniques so it’s not boring. It’s always something new and the patients are really, really nice.

One of the nice things is we do have our staff meetings, there’s a lot of emphasis put on working as a team so even though we’re staff in the back, we’re staff in the front it seems like we do work together really well. The girls upfront will support us in the back, they keep the schedule going for us, they keep us updated on the patients and that way we can really just concentrate on the clinical stuff and make sure that the patients have a really good experience in the back.

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