Wearing Upper Dentures – Dr. Matiasevich – Santa Cruz Dentist

Wearing Upper Dentures

An upper denture is generally easier to wear than a lower denture because an upper denture covers the roof of a person’s mouth, so it’s like a big suction cup. I usually explain to patients that it’s a lot like the magnets you put on your refrigerator that sort of press on and they don’t want to come off. That’s how wearing upper dentures works; it’s like a big suction cup. Upper dentures will generally fit really well and stay in the mouth with virtually little adhesive of any kind.

The drawback of the upper denture though, unlike the lower, the lower the drawback is the functional aspect and that it comes loose, the drawback of wearing upper dentures is that the bulk of acrylic on the roof of the mouth cuts down on taste and it feels like there’s a lot in your mouth. What implants can do is now we can remove the roof of the mouth, all the acrylic that is there, and now the teeth become a lot smaller like natural teeth and they can be actually screwed in and adjusted so it’s more lifelike.

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